veteran-badgesThis company is owned and operated by a veteran.

Active duty, reservist, National Guard or veteran, I know it has not been easy but you stood proudly for our great nation. I want to say THANKS for taking the time from your and your family’s life to protect us from those that would chose to do us harm.


This discount is for those who have volunteered to serve in our armed forces. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, & Coast Guard. In any capacity such as active, Reserve, National Guard.

Discount: 10% off home inspections service, excluding labs fees.

When booking your inspections, please do let us know your veterans status.
You do have to show proof, which is a service ID card, a VA card, DD214, membership card in a service organization, not auxiliary membership.

This discount is not for extended families. I do appreciate if your brother, sister, father, mother served. But, this discount is intended for my comrades in arms who gave a portion of their life for our freedoms.